How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

The tone of the meeting is just as important as contents when it comes down to an effective board meeting. Board members are involved in the overall success of your organization and are likely to listen intently if they are engaged in the discussion. The environment in which your board meets plays a key role in this, so consider the following tips for energizing and facilitating productive meetings:

Make a clear agenda and distribute it to everyone in attendance. Include minute limits for every discussion item to ensure that you don’t get distracted and keep the discussion moving. For example, restricting discussions to 30 minutes per topic can keep the board from getting distracted by non-essential items.

Facilitate the meeting as easily for your board as is possible. If you’re conducting a teleconference meeting, request that they switch off notifications and close any other programs that might interfere with their bandwidth. This see page will help the event run smoothly and ensure that everyone can be heard and viewed clearly.

If necessary, provide refreshments. This is particularly important when a meeting takes place in the evening after a long day of work. It will help your board remain focused and motivated.

Start the meeting with an encapsulated success story that reminds your board of the company’s mission and the current initiatives. It can also inspire them to continue working hard toward the organization’s goals. Also, ensure that you have an adequate quorum for all attendees before you open the meeting. This is an essential step which can have a significant impact on the quality of the meeting’s results. It is typically done with a «roll call» where each person is asked to raise their hands when their name is announced.

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