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Is it Too Late to Buy Dogecoin?

Does this mean Dogecoin can compete with other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin? While the world of crypto can create opportunities suddenly, we would say Doge will never be able to compete. The main reason Dogecoin spiked in value at all was when Elon Musk went in on the joke in 2021, and then the community that follows him followed suit. This weekend will be one of the biggest turning points for Dogecoin. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a major Dogecoin fan, is expected to host “Saturday Night Live.” Investors believe he will mention Dogecoin and send its value skyrocketing, as I wrote for the Deseret News. A giveaway worth $100K is currently open for the Calvaria community.

And since the value of an individual coin is low, so are transaction fees. Naturally, a lot of people choose to purchase Dogecoin for speculative reasons, investing in it in the hopes that it will go up in price. Traditional investors often get a profound shock when they see a $10 billion meme. Many people are even scared to use cryptocurrencies at all.

  • Even Markus sold all his holdings in 2015; he must be kicking himself now.
  • The industry needs to create value through blockchain innovation to stay relevant in the long run and build a loyal community.
  • Listed below are two new cryptocurrencies that are performing well amid the bearish market.
  • Based on these arguments, it could be thought why putting any real money into DOGE is ill-advised.

Crypto is extremely speculative with only a few coins actually having gained any real world adoption. If you want to give your viewers better advice, check out vechain – who is already working with DNV, bayer, bmw, walmart and is working on carbon credit tracking potentially for all of china. VET is a BaaS around supply chain logistics and authentication with hundreds more use cases.

Is it Too Late to Buy Dogecoin? Our Verdict

Dogecoin was one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest upside potential in 2021. The broader crypto market mimics BTC’s trend, and this is an action that has been taking place for many years. Hence, a new trader who wants to identify the right time to invest in DOGE or SHIB can evaluate the future prices of BTC. Dash 2 Trade offers a host of features designed to help improve the success rate of traders and investors through analytics-based advice. To help our readers answer the question is it too late to invest in Dogecoin, we’ll be taking a look at the thoughts of a few different prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community. While Dogecoin has had a troublesome year, the future continues to look bright for the meme coin.


Based on the information users enter, the app will provide tailor-made workout plans backed by high-quality instructional videos. CoinCodex took a bullish stance, predicting that Dogecoin could snap its $0.108 resistance and reach the $0.11 region by the end of 2022. Also, Changelly, a popular forecasting portal, projected Dogecoin’s ability to reach the $0.12 region and beyond by March of next year. Musk has allowed Dogecoins as a payment on SpaceX, which is one of his privately held companies. is a brand new platform about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to become one of your main information providers about this environment. At we focus on unique content in the form of in-depth articles and interviews about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You can also choose the form that suits you best, we provide written articles, interviews, and podcasts, often with investment in mind.

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The exchange went bust, and it is widely believed that Kennedy/Green has stolen the money. Both of the creators went out of their ways to think of a cryptocurrency that wouldn’t make sense, with built-in economics that would actively discourage people from creating and using it. That’s why the very first iterations of Dogecoin were slightly different from the DOGE we know now. The history of Dogecoin can be considered somewhat similar to other cryptocurrencies – it had swings, hacks, and scandals. But its history is well worth a read, as it has one of the most bizarre and entertaining stories among cryptocurrencies.

The FightOut App will track users’ movements and distribute REPS when workouts or in-app challenges are completed. REPS is FightOut’s off-chain token and can be used to purchase ‘real’ items from the store, such as supplements and apparel. However, the meme coin saw an expected rebound from the trendline support near the horizontal $0.07 baseline.

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