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Lucifer was an enthusiastic angel too, and love isn’t always entirely benevolent

Lucifer was an enthusiastic angel too, and love isn’t always entirely benevolent

That is a number of outtakes to your tale «An option», mostly inside the Edward’s POV. Rated Yards to have after chapters and it is recommended that someone read the story «An option» in advance of reading this you to.

Twilight – Rated: Yards – English – Romance/Supernatural – Chapters: eleven – Words: 22,982 – Reviews: 93 – Favs: 126 – Follows: 108 – Updated: 2/ – Published: 2/7/2012 – [Bella, Edward]

Edward did not indicate so you’re able to kidnap Bella and you will keep their particular hostage, however, she retains a key that’ll destroy his family. Vamp Au, B/Age, Romance/Nightmare

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Horror/Relationship – Chapters: 21 – Words: 58,462 – Reviews: 1928 – Favs: step one,165 – Follows: 1,452 – Updated: 2/4/2013 – Published: 1/5/2011 – Edward, Bella

I am Bella Swan and this is my tale. It’s not a knowledgeable tale, and some somebody call me stupid into the behavior that i make to have myself. My personal story is loaded with discipline, not simply regarding guy exactly who increased myself, but regarding people Everyone loves. Meters to possess good reson R&Roentgen

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Hurt/Morale – Chapters: 22 – Words: 77,585 – Reviews: 684 – Favs: 593 – Follows: 292 – Updated: 1/ – Published: 7/3/2010 – Bella, Edward – Done

The fresh new outlines anywhere between workplace and you may personnel, person and you may immortal, champion and damsel, coworker and you can companion, and you may best and you can wrong go for about online datingsider til lang afstand in order to become most blurry getting Edward and you can Bellaedy/Romance/Drama

Created which have Siobhan! He said I’d no existence just before your. The guy mentioned that he had been my prior expose and upcoming. We couldn’t contemplate lifestyle ahead of him very the guy have to be right. He guaranteed that he couldn’t exit me personally, however, one-day that changed.

Twilight – Rated: Yards – English – Drama/Hurt/Spirits – Chapters: twenty eight – Words: 162,371 – Reviews: 1159 – Favs: 572 – Follows: 538 – Updated: 1/ – Published: 5/ – Bella, Edward – Complete

When Bella subscribed to a summertime archeology program, she think she’d become exploring fossils and you can sedimentary material. Little performed she understand, she’d get a hold of herself the primary caretaker having a guy which have zero spoken potential otherwise individual communications experiences-a feral guy

Bella is actually breathtaking, life-enjoying and you will irresponsible. Edward is good looking, realistic and you may in control. They do not understand one another, but their wedding is just weeks out. For the support out-of a «loving» family, which set up wedding certainly will work-out, best? Towards Hiatus

Twilight – Rated: Meters – English – Romance/Family relations – Chapters: 9 – Words: 77,320 – Reviews: 163 – Favs: 171 – Follows: 244 – Updated: – Published: 5/ – Bella, Edward

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: ten – Words: twenty six,839 – Reviews: 2828 – Favs: 2,706 – Follows: step 1,789 – Updated: – Published: – Edward, Bella – Complete

When Bella allows an experience house regarding Edward Masen you to rainy day, she feels a quick appeal in order to him. A crush. What is actually the guy concealing? Possessed Edward. Lemons. Passionate from the flick Fear.

Twilight – Rated: Meters – English – Romance/Horror – Chapters: 26 – Words: 100,536 – Reviews: 835 – Favs: 657 – Follows: 706 – Updated: 12/2/2012 – Published: 4/2/2011 – Bella, Edward

But while they start relationship, Bella soon finds out he’s got a life-threatening ebony side to help you him, that where he wouldn’t allow her to go, and will push out every borders are together with her

Edward incurs an excellent girl away from category operating from the local strip bar. When he offers their unique work getting their housekeeper, often the guy get more than just he’s spending money on?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Friendship/Romance – Chapters: twelve – Words: 53,489 – Reviews: 108 – Favs: 170 – Follows: 207 – Updated: – Published: 8/ – Edward, Bella

Beloved Miss Swan, It’s got visited my interest that the semi-nude photo you emailed me personally just weren’t accidental. If this be the case please report to my personal work environment, 11am, sans clothing. Or even, following do not hesitate to ignore so it email. Sincerely Alice cullen. Into the TEMP HIATUS

Twilight – Rated: Meters – English – Romance/Jokes – Chapters: 79 – Words: thirty five,741 – Reviews: 1112 – Favs: 465 – Follows: 675 – Updated: – Published: 2/ – Bella, Edward

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