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Maino Confronted By Terence Crawford After Betting Against Him

So a general election featuring these two candidates could very much be about not just who earns the affections of this 14 percent of voters who would break a tie, but who this 14 percent dislikes the least. And the Democratic challenge among Hispanic voters has been steadily increasing over time. So although these are small samples, they’re part of a story that I think we know is already unfolding. And that is preventing Biden from maximizing his base of Democratic support and getting his number up above 43. But given their extremely limited levels of support, the poll certainly doesn’t offer any cause for them to be hopeful either.

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  • I think that if you’re the Biden campaign, your task is fairly straightforward, not necessarily to pull off, but at least to identify.
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  • So Nate, “The Times” did a second poll.
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  • We talk about it a lot, but it’s an enormous achievement for Trump.
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  • In all, those bets totaled more than $300 million.
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  • And that is holding back Biden’s overall level of support in the poll.

The second bucket, I think, is Biden’s age. And these are Democrats, who presumably should be giving Biden the benefit of the doubt on all of this stuff. What you seem to be saying is that President Biden hasn’t found a way to exploit Trump’s weaknesses, because he has his own real weaknesses as a candidate. But let’s really explore what those weaknesses are and how they emerge in the poll. This is a weird thing to say, Michael, but I think that if you take all of these poll results at face value, it adds up to a comprehensive takedown of the DeSantis theory of this race, the DeSantis theory of how they can win this election. Now, they’re backing Donald Trump over the alternatives, so they’re not an automatic vote against him.


But they’re not undecided in the sense that they don’t know who these people are and will have to make up their minds. Again, these are people who are sort of recoiling at the thought of having to choose between these two, and maybe not even getting to the point where they can tell us the decision that not only they made last time but that they’ll make again. And there’s also risk, of course, that they really don’t vote or vote for someone else, a third-party candidate, as an expression of that dissatisfaction. I think that the strength is his ability to dominate the Republican field and the national media conversation. In our poll, we asked voters to tell us whether a word described Trump or DeSantis better, and Trump’s best result on that was “strong leader.” 69 percent of Republicans said that described Trump best, 22 percent said DeSantis. And I think that gets at the whole thing.

Maino revealed he lost his bet on the July 29 fight in an Instagram video the following day. And just to be clear, we do not believe that any of the people in the Democratic race, like your RFK Juniors, are meaningful challengers to Biden at this moment. Maino made a bet on the fight with his Way Up With Angela Yee co-host Angela Yee, but came out on the losing end when Bud TKO’d Spence in the ninth round.

As a result, he was forced to wear the same outfit to the show every day for an entire week. Montgomery’s mayor, Steven Reed, said in a statement on Sunday that several people involved in the fighting on Saturday evening have been detained. The brawl appeared to start when a pontoon boat prevented a larger river boat from docking. When a Black riverboat worker objected, he was attacked by a group of white men. Walters, who was convicted in 2017 of insider trading on the Dean Foods stock, says he believes that if Mickelson had testified a “simple truth,” that he would not have faced time in prison.

But there’s not much reason to think this third indictment will change that view among these voters. And to this point, they have seen their guy as under attack and want to rally to his defense, not that they see something wrong on Trump’s part and that they should distance themselves from him. Only 2 percent said that he did, quote, “something wrong.” So this isn’t a case where there are loyal Trump supporters that acknowledge his wrongdoing but still support him anyway because of his views on the issues or because they’re loyal to him. They don’t accept the premise that he’s done something wrong here. And that, obviously, goes a long way to explaining why they continue to support him. A new set of Times polls has answers to those questions.

They still have views that align with the Republican Party as a whole, but they’re not all in one camp. And by their own account, they’re open to candidates other than Donald Trump in the primary campaign. Well, first, it’s just worth saying why we don’t think they’re a part of the MAGA base. And that’s because they either said they don’t support Trump strongly when we asked them, or they said they only have a somewhat favorable view of Trump. So there’s clearly something about him that they don’t like too much. Now, I should say, we finished this poll before Trump was indicted for his efforts to overturn the election.

And in fact, they believe that Donald Trump is more electable than Ron DeSantis, and they believe he’s a stronger leader than Ron DeSantis. But they do concede that Donald Trump is not as moral as Ron DeSantis. This transcript was created using speech recognition software. While it has been reviewed by human transcribers, it may contain errors. Please review the episode audio before quoting from this transcript and email with any questions.

You can say that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are also involved in criminal conspiracies. You can continue to appear as a vigorous and energetic candidate that maybe offers a strong contrast to Joe Biden’s age. And right now, if the election is about who they dislike the least, it’s really good for Joe Biden. I mean, this is a group that’s very hostile towards Donald Trump, even if it doesn’t love Joe Biden by any stretch. So this could ultimately be a decisive group of voters in a general election matchup between Trump and Biden.

This is a group that’s disproportionately young. It’s disproportionately Black and Latino. And maybe most importantly, it disproportionately supported Joe Biden in the last presidential election. I would put his weaknesses into three pockets.

And over 90 percent of these MAGA voters said that Republicans need to stand by Donald Trump in the face of these allegations. The Saturday night fight, which was captured in multiple videos posted to social media, appeared to unfold largely along racial lines. And many social media users celebrated footage of the riverfront dust-up, which showed the white assailants get the tables turned on them by Black people who rushed to the riverboat worker’s aid.

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